Restaurant facing tools

Top Placement gives the restaurant the opportunity to feature at the top of search results on the Just Eat platform. It allows restaurants to target chosen postcodes and exposes their business to thousands of potential customers.

  • Product design
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • User testing
  • On-site research
  • Prototyping
  • Mobile products
The challenge

Restaurants that meet the eligibility criteria have the ability to promote their restaurant with a few Top Placement products. Currently sold by sales teams over the phone the product has a limited reach. This project was to encourage restaurants to self serve and open up the platform for more restaurants.

early sketch ideas
early sketch ideas
early sketch ideas
The idea


Traffic booster
Lightweight service for restuarnats to quickly boost visability to their desired audiences.
Dulwich Tandori restaurant
Ganapati restaurant
Jaflong Tandoori restaurant
Mezze Grill restaurant
Restaurant Ops team


Ops team dashboard concept
Concept for Restaurant Ops team to respond to live insights


One of the great things of working with with Just Eat was the effort they applied to get the whole company involved with internal Hackathons and exploring new ideas or areas of personal interest.

Ideas where pitched in a short video with people working in teams or on their own. Over the year I was there, I was able to take part in a couple.

Green Restaurant

The concept for the Green Restuarant program was to encourage Just Eat restuarnat partners to activly get involved and considering food waste.

The program would work from each resaurant earning 'green kudos' from each food waste donation and that inturn has a public facing metric that also influences their search position.

Prototyping kit

An internal prototyping kit using Just Eat design components to quickly build and prototye ideas with code snippets.