I'm Rob Cleaton

Designing and leading teams to deliver award winning experiences built on solid design principles and user centered design.

Over the past 15 years I’ve had the opportunity to design and lead with companies like Trainline, Just-Eat, Cookpad, Lloyds Bank, UK Gov and more as well as developing my own award winning products.

My approach

Understanding the problem

Strive to understand the what, why and how of the problem and be an advocate of this focus along the way. I work closely with PMs, UX researchers, data scientists to gather insights and data analysis to clearly define the problem.

Design discovery, short term and long term vision

This is my favourite part of the project. Creatively explore the user problem and generate new pragmatic ideas. Defining a long term vision with user and business goals and a vision of smaller incremental steps. Understanding the project unknowns and possible test ideas to the tradeoffs of technical constraints and business risks to deliver incremental steps with well defined user journeys and UI documentation to help teams head in this direction.

Understanding the user

Working closely with UX researchers or conducting my own research to generate insights and analysis. Understanding the user, the environment the user is in and the context are all crucial to define the right solution. Use prototypes to test new ideas or validate existing solutions, this is then shared to the wider team.

Collaborative working, end-to-end

The most effective projects I’ve worked on have involved working really closely with strong PMs, researchers, copywriters, data scientists, engineers and QA from the start. Creates an environment of openness, transparency and a harmonious project that we can all contribute to and have equal pride in the results.

Advocate for raising the bar for design

Passionate about sharing the knowledge of design principles and a simplicity for design to change behaviour. Systematic solutions are well-reasoned, intuitive and accessible.


Awards & mentions

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