Make everyday cooking fun.

Cookpad is a recipe sharing platform started in Japan and now with over 60 million monthly unique users and over 4 million recipes. It's a platform that champions homecooking across the world and available in over 70 countries and 23 languages.

  • Product design
  • User testing
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Design system
  • Brand development
The Challenge

Over my time with Cookpad I worked in cross functional teams as well as being embedded in product teams specifically focusing on native apps first.

Working collaboratively with PMs, data scientists, UX research, copy writers and engineers from the beginning to gather insights and analysis to clearly understand the user problem. I worked across leading long term product visions to testing and validating user journeys with prototypes to zooming into detailed product delivery with incremental updates and being an advocate for raising the bar of design.

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Cookpad’s branded interaction for a user to post a photo and caption of their experience of a cooked recipe. I led running user sessions to understand behaviours, needs and emotions to gather insights and inform product strategy. Leading the design from broad long term visions to short term iterations. From my time on this project, Cooksnaps would see a radical improvement to see weekly Cooksnapers overtake weekly recipe authors for the first time.

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Mise Design System

Playing a leading role in setting up and producing their Mise Design System. Leading across the design team and working collaboratively with engineers to produce native systematic design components in Figma.


Contests are a big contribution of new fresh recipes on the platform. Set by country managers and localized by region, seasonality and local ingredients, the contests are set up as a fun way for recipe authors to compete to win branded prizes or badges. Our goal was to remove this competitive edge and design a new user motivation for contests to make them more inline with a personal challenge and encourage openness of the community.

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Early sketches of new ideas of to change the motivation of a contest.
Achievements & Insights

A space for recipe authors to see the impact of their recipe contributions. Leading the product with design discovery to incremental improvements, encouraging authors to add new variations of their recipes.

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Prototype ideas to test motivations of adding recipe variations.