Homebase e-commerce Hybrid app


Personal project • Product design • UI design • UX design • Brand development


Working with The App Business we were responsible for bringing Homebase a more dynamic and engaging experience to their mobile platform.


Sketch development

Working closely with the client and design teams, it was important to bring collaboration and visibility to the project from both sides. We used regular workshops to present sketches that helped communicate design intentions and complex interactions. 


Visual browsing

With the brand being developed on the client side we were able to focus on mobile concepts. A primary goal was to keep the user flows visual, supplementing helpful and inspirational content, making the most of their lifestyle photography library.


Shopping together

We learnt that the shopping experience could be enhanced if made into a shared experience. Wishlist's could be created and shared by couples or families.


Swipe to compare

We also explored using various interactions to support the shopping journey.


A hybrid app

The app was developed to work on both Android and iOS, and was the first app I had worked on that used the PhoneGap technology.

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